what-are-you-prepping-forI have gotten the chance to meet a lot of preppers in these last few years and while we all agree that prepping is a good idea… as a group there is a wide range of thoughts as to WHY we are prepping.

So I thought I would just take a moment and see what everyone out there is prepping for and is there is anything special you are stocking up on that is specifically related to that?

Some of the more common reasons that people have shared with me is financial collapse, EMP, nuclear fallout, the Yellowstone super-volcano and martial law to name a few. I spoke with a lady a few months ago that is convinced that there will be a an engineered pandemic that will leave all large city centers empty like ghost towns. She lives just outside Fort Collins which is about an hour north of Denver proper and she has invested about $4000 in a fully encapsulated positive pressure hazmat suit and ventilation rig. Talk about your specialty prep! My conversation with her left me with more questions than answers since she only had the one suit and it was rated for a fairly limited time in its “mobile” configuration. While I can see the benefit of having one if you are prepping for a pandemic, I feel like you would need a lot more long term solutions than what a single suit would provide… At that point she was no longer comfortable getting any more specific. I of course respected her her decision to change the subject.

So what else are you prepping for? If you would, sound off in the comments for what scenario(s) we are most likely to see. I’d like to know what you think and what you are doing, or at least what you would like to do, to prepare for it.

Personally I believe that we will likely see a combination of things occur. Such as a financial collapse, that will lead to mass riots that could lead to martial law. I believe that it is also possible that our enemies (maybe foreign… maybe domestic) may feel that the timing is perfect and launch some sort of power grab or even an attack on the US that would leave large parts of the country without basic services such as electricity, water, and sewage treatment. Depending on the scale, I also think it is possible that we could go years before these services are restored. Can you prep for everything? Is that even realistic?

So tell me what you think. What are you prepping for and what specialty preps do you think will be necessary?